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Dispelling the Myths around a Serious Mental Health Disorder


PsychopathyIs, a newly launched 501(3)(c) nonprofit, came to CH Web Agency to design their online platform. The client needed branding, marketing, web development, and social media services to get their invaluable resources into the hands of people affected by Psychopathy, a serious mental health disorder that affects over 1 in 100 people. 

The Ask

The platform needed to raise awareness of psychopathy, provide support and resources for affected families, and raise funds for research. In addition to these requirements, the new site would feature two different interactive screening tools that allowed visitors to screen themselves, or others they know, for potential psychopathic traits.

CH Web Agency was also asked to manage the simultaneous launch of all social media channels, marketing efforts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, and video production for the client. 


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front- & Back-end Development, Website Design, WordPress Development, SEO Strategy, Social Media, Marketing, Video Production.

Project Details

0. Kickoff

CH Web Agency met with key stakeholders on the project to review the requirements and all existing content that the nonprofit had compiled.

1. Discover

Our team reviewed all materials and conducted early discovery research to evaluate competitors and influencers. We reviewed the extensive research, provided by the client, on the problem space. The team then developed a series of personas, including the main personas, the Parent and the Advocate, to build empathy for the users.
web design wireframes

2. Define

Our team synthesized this research into a new problem statement. How might we establish PyschopathyIs as the go to resource in the psychopathy community, so that parents, researchers, and those affected by psychopathy will turn to PsychopathyIs first for answers.

3. Develop

Ideation sessions with the client and internally led to the branding, structure, and design of the website. The CH Web Agency team met with stakeholders weekly to develop each aspect of the site and test functionality. Usertesting sites is a competitive advantage and critical to CH Web Agency’s strategy to delivering affective, functional, and usable sites. In order to support the nonprofit’s budget, we worked with their friends and family members to assist in testing the site as a cost-effective alternative to hiring testers.

5. Deliver

Our team designed, tested, and iterated on each of the site's 36 pages over the course of the three months of development, launching the live website on schedule.

CH Web Agency worked closely with the client to simultaneously launch their social media presence for PsychopathyIs on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A press release developed, in coordination with expert marketers and content writers, was picked up by hundreds of outlets including the AP and Marketwatch. Our team’s SEO strategy also led to rapid organic growth and top-level search results for relevant short and longtail keywords. 


Working with CH Web Agency to build our site has been a dream! We switched to using this agency after a bad experience with another agency, and the difference has been night and day. They have a terrific design sense, are very responsive to our suggestions and requests, and have worked tirelessly to make our site as well-designed and impactful as it can be.
Psychopathy Researcher

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