Low Conversion Rate? Beware 6 Problems That Might Be Happening

low conversion rates

Times are changing, and having a website has become critical to many businesses as it is at the heart of lead generation and conversion nowadays. While getting started creating a WordPress website might be relatively easy, it is essential to customize and optimize it for truly great results. If you’re experiencing low conversion rates on your site, there could be a number of reasons why that might be. Here are a few reasons why your website visitors aren’t converting.

A Few Reasons Why Your Website Has a Low Conversion Rate

1. Website loads too slow

The amount of time it takes your WordPress website to load directly affects the leads and conversion rates you get since most people abandon a website if it takes more than two to three seconds to load. Ensure you are using a fast hosting service and a reputable cache plugin such as WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache to avoid missing out on these leads.

People tend to create associations while browsing “good” websites. If your website doesn’t perform fast like other sites, it automatically gives the user a negative perception of your brand and website. If you’re building a good online presence, you need to care about your website speed and accessibility. If your website isn’t loading fast, you will lose your customer.

2. Metas don’t match page content

The second reason why your website experiences a low conversion rate is because of your site’s meta titles and descriptions. Meta titles and descriptions are what customers see in Google search results when they are searching for a particular service or phrase.

If the title and description of a web page on your site does not match what the content is actually about, the customer will feel that your website is trying to trick them and they will lose trust and leave. Google will also rank your page lower if your content and metas do not match, making it harder for people to find your site in the first place.

3. Connection is not secure

You have to make sure your site is secure. If you don’t have your site secure, starting with https, Google will give you a red flag. Customers are often hesitant with visiting sites that are labeled as not secure, and if they do end up on your site, it’s more likely that they will leave quickly. Especially if someone is submitting sensitive and private information through your website, they want to feel as though their information will be kept private and safe. You need to establish trust with your website visitors, and to do that you need to have a secure site. Get an SSL certificate for your site to have a secure connection.

4. Page no longer exists

If your website had page changes (URL changes) at some point, you have to make sure that the previous URLs are redirecting to new pages with 301 redirects that mean “Moved Permanently” and recommended for SEO. You never want customers to land on a page that does not exist any longer. If the visitors receive a 404 error, they might leave the site instead of looking for a URL on your site that works.

5. Not optimized for mobile

It is common for many businesses to neglect to optimize their websites for mobile phone users, which is costly as most users now access websites from their smartphones. Failing to take this into account will mean your business misses out on a host of potential new customers. So do create a website that is mobile-friendly. Most consumers use their phones to perform business transactions these days. Many people also use their mobile phones to do quick Google searches to find services near them. If you have a website design that doesn’t cater to mobile platforms, then you could be missing out on attracting a large number of your audience to your business and therefore experience a low conversion rate.

6. Difficult to navigate

The last reason website visitors might not be converting is because it could be difficult to navigate through your website. Navigation has to be easy for visitors to find the services offered or products to buy. If it’s difficult to use, users will leave the site, go to your competitors instead and you will see a low conversion rate. Easy navigation will help visitors find the right services and lead them to convert. Having an easily accessible contact page where visitors can click to call or fill out a simple form will help bring leads to your business, as well.

There are many reasons why your website has a low conversion rate. If your website has any of these issues we describe above, it’s imperative that you fix them as soon as possible. Not only should your website be easy to navigate and be easily accessible for visitors, but it should be set up well so Google can properly crawl your website and rank it properly for relevant searches.

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