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Case Study

Disability Law Center


Highlights of the project


The Disability Law Center (DLC) is a private, non-profit organization designated by the governor as Utah’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) agency. Our mission is to enforce and advance the legal rights, opportunities, and choices of Utahns with disabilities.


The outdated website posed several challenges, including difficulties in finding information, lack of accessibility, and internal staff facing troubles in updating it. Users struggled to navigate the site, leading to frustration and limited engagement. Additionally, the website’s lack of accessibility features hindered inclusivity and prevented individuals with disabilities from accessing its content. This outdated state also resulted in internal inefficiencies, as staff members encountered obstacles while attempting to update and maintain the website.


By addressing these issues and implementing necessary updates, our team transformed the website into a user-friendly, accessible to individuals with disabilities, and easily manageable platform that improved user experience, streamlined information retrieval, and empowered internal staff with efficient content management capabilities. We have created a robust filter system that enables users to conveniently browse and locate resources based on their specific areas of interest. By simply selecting the relevant issues, users can effortlessly narrow down their search and access the most relevant resources tailored to their needs.