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Oxana Nuckolls Portrait

Oxana Nuckolls

Owner & Lead Developer
BS, Economics

Oxana founded CH Web Agency in 2019. After working in the web design industry for over eight years, she discovered a need for high-quality web design services in North Carolina. As an expert in front-end development, Oxana brought her industry knowledge to the new agency with the mission to provide nonprofits and other organizations with accessible, robust, and modern websites.

Under Oxana’s leadership, CH Web Agency has seen tremendous growth, launching high-profile websites for nonprofits across North Carolina and the US, including for Disability Rights NC (North Carolina’s federally-designated protection and advocacy agency), HonorBridge (North Carolina’s largest federally-mandated Organ Procurement Organization), and Duke University.

Before starting CH Web Agency, Oxana was a developer and entrepreneur, working in the San Francisco Bay Area with startups such as Udacity. Oxana has taken the lead or played a critical role in the design, development, and successful launch of over 50 websites.