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Our Process

Participate in a robust design and development process with research, feedback, and iteration.

Woman at desk looking Buckeye Hills Regional Council Aging & Health Services page

Design Thinking

Innovative Solutions

Kickoff presentation with sample timeline


The goal of kickoff is to establish a clear communication plan between our teams. We discuss the approval process, how to answer questions, remove roadblocks, and launch on schedule.

Discovery presentation with sample analytics


We research the needs of the people who will use the website, visitors and editors, ensuring the right problems are solved.

Woman outside looking at Buckeye Hills Regional Council home page on her phone.


Collaborating closely with our clients, we design the website look and feel, navigation, layout, and user flows. Every step builds on the previous and includes dedicated time for feedback from both teams.

Website development code next to screenshot of Buckeye Hills Regional Council


Our developers build the live website with the finished design as a blueprint. As client’s finish editing and approving content, our team will transfer it to the development environment.

Accessibility focus outline example


We conduct extensive testing, accessibility reviews, and browser compatibility checks to guarantee a smooth launch.

Woman at desk looking at Buckeye Hills Regional Council Desktop Mockup


We provide 24/7 monitoring, bi-monthly updates, and long-term support. Our team is available to manage content, add features and support new campaigns.

Other Considerations

Our cross-functional team provides expert guidance throughout the entire website design process. After launch, we provide one-on-one training over zoom, video tutorials, and documentation.

Throughout the design and development process, our team will be handing over a variety of deliverables. In the design phase for example, you will receive mockups of the new website. At the start of the project, we will ask you to decide who on your team will be responsible for signing off on design progress and who is responsible for final approval of content. It is critical to define these responsibilities from the beginning of the project to ensure each phase is completed on time.

Clients are responsible for providing and signing off on all website content. Our agency will work closely with you to provide a content framework that maps to the new website design, allowing your team to easily edit and write new content. For website redesigns, we will discuss what content can be transferred to the new website, giving your team a head start on the process. We also have  a robust approval system, ensuring only approved content is moved to the new website. Our team will provide recommendations for website structure, navigation, and SEO meta data. 

As we gather requirements for the project, we will discuss your organization’s preferences for a domain and hosting provider. Our agency offers hosting services as part of every project. Clients must remain on a service-level agreement (SLA) after launch to take advantage of our hosting service. The SLA requirement ensures that all websites on our servers stay up to date on software patches and remain secure. If you decide to host with our agency, we make it simple to switch to a different provider, at no additional cost, if you decide to move later.