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When writing content for a new post, start with heading level 2. Use lower level headings to organize nested content, but don’t skip levels.

Steps to choosing a heading level

  1. The title of your post is your heading 1
  2. Use a heading 2 to start all new sections in your content
  3. Nested sections should be the next heading level down, heading 3 in our example
  4. New sections should have a heading level high enough so the heading is not nested under the wrong content, heading 2 in our example

Other considerations

Don’t use a heading 1 in your content. The title of your post is your heading 1 and is set automatically. You don’t want more than one heading at this level. Headings should follow a logical order, headings with the same number are at a similar level. In our example,  “Posts” and “Forms” are both heading 2 and scanned at a similar level. “Types of posts” is a heading 3 and nested under “Posts.”