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Write descriptive text that describes the destination of the link and avoid ambiguous text such as click here.

Steps to write accessible link text for your links

  1. Write link text that describes the destination or function of the link, such as the title of the destination page.
    • Avoid ambiguous link text such as click here. Links are often read or scanned out of context and ambiguous links do not tell users where the link goes.
    • Write consistent text, avoid using different text for links that go to the same destination.

Other considerations

When writing link text for the website, you will typically be focused on creating links within post content. With these types of links you want to write descriptive and consistent text. Avoid writing ambiguous text that does not make sense out of context. Keep in mind that there are additional rules and nuances to creating links and buttons as part of the website interface, that are outside the scope of this resource.