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User experience is…

We’ve all been there

If you’ve ever opened an online account, you’ve probably run into a site that just makes your blood pressure rise. We’ve all been there before, you’re trying to setup an account for that new service, and every time you submit the form, there seems to be some new password requirement that wasn’t required before.

Minimum of 8 characters!*

okay, submit again.

You need a number!*

okay, submit again.

You need a special character!*   

okay, submit again.

You need a password you haven’t used before!*   


Sorry, we can’t process your request at this time!

Contact support.

Or, you’re reading a blog and the text is making your eye’s hurt because it’s too small (too small) or there is not enough contrast (enough contrast) between the text and background. Perhaps you’re trying to find information on a site and it says:

Please click here for help on our services!!

Did you have to think about which element was the actual link? You shouldn’t have too! The design choices web designers make when building websites will directly impact the emotions of the real people using those sites.

Think about the password example above. How much easier is it to fill out passwords when there are conveniences like viewing the hidden characters to make sure your password is correct? What about checkmarks as you complete the various requirements?

8 Characters or more

At least one Number

At least one Capital Letter

X Special Character: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )