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Case Study

Abigail Marsh PhD


Highlights of the project


Dr. Marsh, a leading neuroscientist, psychologist, professor, and author approached CH Web Agency to design and develop a new website aimed at showcasing her research on the topics of empathy, altruism, aggression, and psychopathy. The project included a full rebrand, stationary, design & development of a custom website, and a landing page for her Lab (LSAN), at Georgetown University.


The new website needed to provide easy management of a large number of different types of content. The back-end of the website, the WordPress Dashboard, had to provide Dr. Marsh and her staff with an intuitive interface. The front-end of the website should scale as new content is published, and provide robust templates, so the website always looks pixel perfect.


CH Web Agency delivered a full rebrand and a highly custom, responsive, and accessible website. The professional website, built on the robust WordPress platform, is designed to support the many unique types of content that Dr. Marsh publishes. These include publications, recent interviews, Op-Eds, announcements, and research topics. The scalable and dynamic design makes the website easy to use and update.
Tablet responsive mockups of Abigail Marsh homepage
Tablet responsive mockups of Abigail Marsh blog posts
Mobile responsive mockups of Abigail Marsh homepage
Mobile responsive mockups of Abigail Marsh ted talk
Mobile responsive mockups of Abigail Marsh lab gallery


Client’s feedback

Thank you very much to Oxana Nuckolls and Joe Davis at CH Web Agency for creating such a beautiful and easy-to-navigate site for us.
Abigail Marsh PhD