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Banners make your users aware of time sensitive information

Alerts & Banners


Buckeye Hills Regional Council requested a new feature to support an upcoming campaign and service they were providing to older adults in the region. They needed to direct traffic to the landing page and requested a persistent website banner that would show up in the header of all pages. With one of their target audiences being older adults, a sitewide banner would bring the extra visibility needed for time sensitive services and events.


CH Web Agency designed the custom banner and presented to the Buckeye Hills staff. After approval of the design our staff developed the dismissible banner in a development environment before moving it to the live website. The simple banner is dynamically brought to the page and persistent during the users session. Users can dismiss the banner at anytime and it won’t reappear until their next session. During implementation, our team tested the banner for responsiveness and accessibility.

Page load speed and other aspects of the website or editor in our demo videos may be digitally modified to better showcase features and functionality. View the live website for real world results.