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As part of their RFP, Disability Rights Arizona required a robust solution to provide both automatic and professional translations of content on the website. They needed the option to add resources and posts in English, Spanish, ASL (American Sign Language), and Plain Language. Disability Rights Arizona also identified the need for a Spanish version of their application for assistance, an application that connects users with the organization’s intake team.


CH Web Agency designed a custom language toggle to support both professional and automatic translations (Google Translate), making it easy for users to translate and navigate the multilingual website. Our team designed the custom templates to support professionally translated content, including resources, news, and press releases. The templates are developed so that professionally translated content automatically interlinks, allowing users to easily switch between the available translations. A custom prompt on professionally translated pages, nudges visitors to automatically translate the rest of the website into their preferred language.

Page load speed and other aspects of the website or editor in our demo videos may be digitally modified to better showcase features and functionality. View the live website for real world results.