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Promote self-advocacy with advanced filters and templates

Resource Library


As part of their RFP, Disability Rights Arizona (DRAZ) required a new way for users to find their self-advocacy materials. The redesign needed to make it easier for their audience to find specific self-advocacy guides and to have more information on that issue easily accessible. DRAZ hundreds of staff-created resources in PDF format that needed to be reviewed by staff, converted to web format, and migrated to the new information architecture.


CH Web Agency designed a custom resource library with simple yet powerful categories for organizing the resources, including language, topic, and format. The multi-faceted filter system supports not only DRAZ’s target audience, but also makes it easier for staff to filter by specific topics for reviewing and sharing resources. Powerful resource templates and multilingual support make the resource database useful for a broad audience. Our team worked with DRAZ throughout the process, from overseeing content management and migration to designing and launching the accessible filter system.

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