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Sitewide Search


As part of their RFP, Buckeye Hills Regional Council required a new way for users to search their website. With the original website, Staff were frequently turning to Google search to find content. Buckeye Hills has two primary target audiences, community leaders and and individuals interested in their aging and health services. They needed a new kind of search that would make it easier for the different target audiences to identify relevant pages and posts.


CH Web Agency designed a custom search system for the website. A simple yet powerful search bar allows users to search for content on the website. The AJAX powered search allows users to quickly search the website without leaving or having the page refresh. Our team also designed custom cards that identify the topic of each page, making it easier for users to scan the results and find relevant information. The search is designed and developed to be responsive and accessible across devices.

Page load speed and other aspects of the website or editor in our demo videos may be digitally modified to better showcase features and functionality. View the live website for real world results.